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Homeschool Kids Improv

with Antonia Kao and Aryeh Nielsen

Gather weekly to explore improv; grow your ensemble abilities; develop embodied, spontaneous creative expression; and have a blast while doing so.

First Session: Tuesdays September 14 - October 12, 2019 (5 weeks)  

Second Session:  Tuesdays November 2 - 16,  Mondays November 29- December 6, 2019 (5 weeks) 

6-8pm with last half hour being optional open hangout time.

Limited to 8 kids, ages 12-18; no fee. We're just seeking kids who want to dive in.

Held at home movement studio, Petaluma, CA

"Eventually, we throw all the rules out. But I guess one rule we never throw out is that your partner is always perfect, and that whatever your partner does, is perfectly being done in that moment, and then your job is to support it and make it even more perfect....​

You have to learn to trust yourself and that takes time, that takes falling on your face, a lot of embarrassment... many many awkward improvisations."

~ Ruth Zaporah

Me-Us-Place: A Playshop in the Wetlands

with Diana Marto and Antonia Kao

​A free workshop sponsored by Gallery Route One as part of

Create! 17 days of free artist workshops, art making, demos, & more.

Saturday May 4, 2019 12-3pm

Limited to 12 participants ages 10-17

Free and open to the public

We’ll be improvising, using sound and movement inspired by the Giacomini Wetlands, each other, and our imaginations. We’ll begin all together, then break into subgroups to create improvisational site-specific performance pieces, which we’ll share with each other. Be prepared to surprise yourself.  During the closing reflection circle, there will be time to draw and share about the experience.


We’ll meet at noon at the green entrance gate to Giacomini Wetlands at the intersection of 3rd and C Streets, about a 10 minute walk from the gallery. You'll see a white barn. After the workshop, we'll walk everyone to Gallery Route One for the Create! closing party and art auction from 3-5pm.


Gallery Route One (11101 Highway One, Ste. 1101, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956) is open 11am to 5pm and you can use the restroom or check out the exhibits before or after the workshop during those hours.  Parking is available near the gate or at the gallery.  Please email for registration form. 

Art is both creation and recreation. Of the two ideas, I think art as recreation

or as sheer play of the human spirit is more important." 

Lin Yutang 

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