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"It was so stirring and moving and sensual. I loved the moodiness of the light and darkness, how it was so sexy and sad."
~ Margaret Cho,


Director Kao "puts a litmus test to audience's interpretations of the film, as she shoots this otherwise warm gesture with an eerie tonality."
~ Jay Tan,


Cast and Crew


Director: Antonia Kao

Gift Girl: [Anonymous]

Birthday Boy: Oliver Nan Mateo

Production Assistant: Diep Khac Tran

Thanks: Angel Angeles


Antonia Kao


Actor (Gift Girl)
is not under-age. She likes rain, vegetarian food, and non-vegetarian food. She hates malls and cockroaches.


Oliver Nan Mateo
Actor (Birthday Boy) 
received his B.F.A. from University of California at Santa Cruz and hopes to receive his M.F.A. soon and continue his work in the arts and entertainment fields. He currently lives in Los Angeles and develops programs for a community-based organization.


Diep Khac Tran

Production Assistant
is a board member of O Moi, a Vietnamese lesbian, bisexual, and transgender network. She is also a member of the Snazzy Writer's Workshop in Los Angeles.



The San Francisco International Asian-American Film Festival
The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival
The San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
The Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
QUEST, Highways Theater, Los Angeles
Film Fatale, Los Angeles
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
The Rochester Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Diversity Film Festival
Immaginaria, Lesbian Film Festival, Italy
Wicked Play Party
The New York S/M Film Festival
Kinko De Mayo

Available in the Leather Archives and Museum.


DV from Super 8


Please email wiseorchid (at) gmail (dot) com for info.

Prior Film Works

Happy Birthday

© 1999 Wise Orchid Productions

A trance-inducing flicker of super-8, gothic chant, and a woman preparing herself as the ultimate birthday gift for her lover.

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