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One Word Five Times

Passersby are invited to affect the performers through expressing one word out loud, five times.  Performers, otherwise, remain still in the chalked circle 'stage'.​ 

A series of ensemble and solo experiments, carried out on Water St., Petaluma (12/3/17); at the Marin Civic Center, San Rafael (12/7/17); at an Asphalt Liberation Front event, Santa Rosa (3/31/18); and at a private event, Santa Rosa (8/18/18). 

"i sat at marin civic center by the farmer’s market for an hour today - take 3 of #onewordfivetimes , this time on my own.

people dined and left, workers broke down their stalls, babies in carriages and busy people looking at their phones passed by. seagulls squawked, bugs cheeped, the sun beat down, & my throat got parched.

the word of the day ended up being “marbles, marbles, marbles, marbles, marbles!” said by a man who walked straight up at around the 45 minute mark."

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