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Dear Dr. Langer,


I want to maintain functionality (range of motion, strength, flexibility) and minimize nerve damage/numbness (maximize sensation) as daily yoga and movement arts are my passion. I'd love to have a smooth, flat result with nearly invisible scar that's a slight smile curve, horizontal or tilted up (towards armpit). Ideally, it's flat but not so tight as to impair movement. 


Photos 1-8 would be a fine, flat result. (Photo 8's scar looks slightly too wobbly but that may be because of her position.) 


Photo 9 is a nice, flat result but is NOT my preferred scar as it's too steep for my taste and very straight. Looks like a slash wound. If you're going to do such a steep diagonal, I'd want to know in advance this is your plan, and I'm open to it only if it allows the greatest range of movement.  I'd also prefer it to be very subtly curved.​

Photos 10 & 11 are scars I don't want - wobbly or diagonal slanted down.

Photos 12-15 are examples of wobbly/puckered skin or dogears that I do not want. 

Questions outstanding:

Please remind me how many of the above sort of flat closures you've done? 

Is there a different sentinel node removal entry point that has better results for not causing nerve damage?

How many nodes will you send to pathologist during surgery to confirm cancer and make your decision re: level 1 or level 2 node removal? Or, do you just feel and decide from manual touch? I want to trust your decision while I'm 'asleep' so you can do it in one surgery rather than going back a week later, and am nervous about overly aggressive node removal so want to better understand your decisionmaking process before deciding what to sign off on. 

I want to make sure both titanium markers will be removed during the mastectomy. I don't want them in my body.

Can I drink just half the drink since I'm small? Or skip it b/c it'd require getting up at 4am. 

Looking forward to a great surgery!

Thank you.

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